(…) Music is our life. When we have a rough time – we sing. Music is like universal language, You know.
Music we use it to up our mind and mentality. It keeps us in good way, positive way, highly way…in this life…
One Love from Jah to the World





Famous for its rum, reggae and delicious coffee, located on the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, it is the capital of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


The mission of our organized trips as sunny expeditions to the Caribbean islands, especially Jamaica, is to bring culture and way of life the local people to you. From our own experience we know how important it is to provide comprehensive service, safety when traveling, for ourselves and our customers.

Therefore, after landing on the island we are at your disposal. We provide all the care of You and translation.

During the holidays we are Your guide to Jamaica - we approach wonderful way of perceiving the world and lifestyle of the Jamaicans.



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wyprawy na jamajkę jamaicayesi

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If You have individual preferences or other departure dates are more accessible to you, kindly please call us +48 504395787 or email alicja@jamaicayesi.com

Together we will plan the most convenient offers for You.

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Click on "Travel Tips" to find all the essential information that you may find useful when traveling.


Travel Tips


It maintained that it was discovered in 1494 by Christopher Columbus,

colonized by the Spanish in the early sixteenth century and conquered in 1655 by the English, who created the type of plantation economy based on sugar, cocoa and coffee - Jamaica, an island in the Caribbean Sea, which impresses not only landscapes but also history.

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What is CBD? Medical Marijuana

CBD means canabidiol, from less known molecule, is quickly transforming itself into a potentially groundbreaking nutritional supplement worldwide, whose recognition among health-care and physicians is growing at a rapid pace. 


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National symbols

Jamaica recognized six national symbols, including: national flag, emblem with national motto, bird, flower, tree and national fruit. These symbols reflect the beauty, tradition, history, nature and richness of Jamaica.


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Since 1969 the official currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar (JMD). 
The abbreviation "J $" is often used. "Jay" is spoken in the currency. This is especially useful for tourists who mistake it often with the US dollar.


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The azure and warm sea, wide and sandy beaches, slim palms on the horizon, aromatic Jamaican coffee and lazy days - can describe Jamaica as a piece of paradise on Earth. 
But this is just the beginning of the best ...


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To make the trip to the Caribbean and Jamaica a great success, our priority should be to follow personal medical advice, and also such as vaccinations.
See what a healthy guide to Jamaica looks like.


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Despite the influence of many cultures, the Jamaicans are a nation that can find their own identity. Love for music, many festivals and holidays is the best proof. 
See what cultural events await you while on holiday in Jamaica.


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Jamaica is an extraordinary variety of landscapes, seascapes and flora and fauna,

as well as the incredible history of this island located in the Caribbean Sea.
Learn interesting facts about Jamaica!

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Dunn's River Falls

The main attraction of Ocho Rios are Dunn's River Falls, a 180-meter cascade of waterfalls. Flowing out of tree-lined limestone cliffs overgrown with lush vegetation, since the time when Spaniards reached the island, they invariably delight the visitors.


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Aleja bambusowa jamajka jamaicayesi

Bamboo alley

Bamboo alley in Jamaica stretches along endless fields of sugar cane. It has the stamp of slave labor. It is a dark remnant of colonialism, in which white people, traveling in the shade, supervised those working in the drudgery and heat of slaves.


I will tell you a story ... I have always had sun, colors and a smile in cloudy Europe ... seen as something unpopular, different. He distinguished me ... differently. And in me there has always been reggae and rush to travel, to taste dishes, to learn about smells and curiosity of people from other cultures. Life is not a fairy tale and dreams do not came true themselves. You have to help them.

About me

Alice fascinated with southern cultures of the world, the islands and the sun. Graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University in Gdansk.
Her passion has always been traveling and wanting to share their experiences from trips to Jamaica undertook to co-organize expeditions to the Caribbean and Jamaica.
She loves to travel away from the main routes.
Relaxes into silence of the forest, studying patterns drawn in the sand by the sea waves or follow the sound of music - the rhythm of drums, by vibrating chanting of mantras, to the adored joyful sunny reggae. Her passion grew also in terms of language, which resulted in will be Polish-English-Italian language tutor.

She is curious people and the world. With optimism and a smile in spite of many obstacles, she has come another circle of life. She is looking for her way in the practice of kundalini yoga, love for Nature and people and guidance of practical philosophy of Buddhism.

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